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Isolation - Marci Kirk, DVM

Isolation - Marci Kirk, DVM

July 30, 2020

You are not alone; it just feels that way.


Have you ever received a complaint that undermined your confidence? Ever gotten a bad review that made you doubt your skill? It's a terrible experience, isn't it? 


Complaints are a common occurrence these days. And in most cases, the complaint says more about the complainer than the complainee. But when you're the focus on the compliant, it's scary, unsettling, and, often, lonely. 


In this episode, Marci Kirk, DVM, shares her experience with a Board licensure complaint and how developing the courage to share her experience made the whole situation better.


Community is a big piece of resilience. Finding your people--the ones who will cheer your wins and remind you of your strength when you struggle--is key. There's incredible power in working together. Great groups make it easier for each person to make changes and grow. 


If you are a pet pro looking for a safe, supportive community that will help you grow into your best self, check out the Positive Changes small-group coaching program. You are not alone. Together we are stronger. https://colleenpelar.com/positive-changes

Relationships - Laurie Williams, CPDT-KA, CPT CDTI

Relationships - Laurie Williams, CPDT-KA, CPT CDTI

July 16, 2020

"You love dogs. I love dogs. Let's talk about that."

There's incredible power in finding common ground and using that to build a foundation for growth.

Laurie Williams, owner of Pup N' Iron Canine Enrichment Center, joined me to talk about the power of relationships for improving results. She shared her ideas of how pet professionals can improve their communication with clients--and also with other pet professionals.

What would the world look like if we put the same care and attention toward our fellow humans as we give to animals?

It requires effort and intention, but the benefits are profound.You'll get new ideas, fresh perspectives, and a healthy dose of reality when you spend time truly connecting with others. ​

You win. They win. We all win. Together.

Spirituality - Laura Dorfman, CPDT-KA, PMCT, and Leslie McDevitt, MLA, CPDT-KA, CDBC,

Spirituality - Laura Dorfman, CPDT-KA, PMCT, and Leslie McDevitt, MLA, CPDT-KA, CDBC,

June 11, 2020

THERE'S NO LIMIT ON COMPASSION ... This is the recording of a live interview recorded on May 21, 2020. It predates George Floyd's death and the dramatic events that have followed. And yet the theme and discussion are timely and resonate deeply in this moment.

Laura Dorfman, CPDT-KA, PMCT, and Leslie McDevitt, MLA, CPDT-KA, CDBC, are both meditation leaders and I invited them to discuss the broad concept of spirituality from a non-religious perspective.

They shared thoughts about how having a sense of connection to others, to the world at large, to nature, to movement, to life allows you to bear witness, be present, and help ease the pain of others while simultaneously allowing you to experience greater peace and joy. https://colleenpelar.com/78

Beginnings - Ali Evanson, KPA, CDTI

Beginnings - Ali Evanson, KPA, CDTI

May 28, 2020

Who better to give advice on beginnings than a beginner?

Just a year ago, Ali Evanson started her dog training business, I Got This Sit.

Many things have changed since then, and now, like the rest of us, Ali is working to adapt and begin anew.

Beginnings ask you to imagine a new future and then commit to making it the best it can possibly be.

Often it’s scary.

Okay, usually it’s scary to begin something new.

You can’t control the outcome. There are no guarantees. But when you’re clear about what you want, you’ll find your personal balance of control and acceptance. 

You’ll feel empowered to move forward and take empowered action.

What helps you feel ready to begin, ready to take action, ready to move toward your goals? 


Personal Growth in a Pandemic - Lauren Heath

Personal Growth in a Pandemic - Lauren Heath

May 14, 2020

Lauren Heath, CPPS, talked with Colleen Pelar about how she's navigating the changes coronavirus has brought to her pet-sitting business. Without discounting the very real worries she has for her business, she also said she feels more free and has learned some valuable lessons about self-care that she'll carry with her into the future. She's finding clarity about what really matters to her. https://colleenpelar.com/76

[Rebroadcast] Emotions - Patricia McConnell, PhD

[Rebroadcast] Emotions - Patricia McConnell, PhD

April 30, 2020

This is a rebroadcast of one of our first UNLEASHED (at work & home) episodes. Patricia McConnell, PhD, joined me to talk about the importance of emotions and, as always happens when talking with her, the conversation veered out into larger life lessons as well.


Blursday - Finding Your Footing in Uncertain Times

Blursday - Finding Your Footing in Uncertain Times

April 16, 2020

When every day feels the same, how do you find your footing? What helps you feel grounded and centered? 

Pet professionals are caretakers. They're known for showing up in service of others, for working themselves to the point of exhaustion, and for giving until it hurts.

This is your time to explore what really matters to you and what changes you'd like to make moving forward. https://colleenpelar.com/74

Approximations - Ryan Cartlidge

Approximations - Ryan Cartlidge

April 9, 2020

Ryan Cartlidge, the founder of Animal Training Academy joined me to talk about celebrating approximations, those tiny forward movements that add up to significant change.

How to Help Others Feel More Resilient

How to Help Others Feel More Resilient

April 2, 2020

The top question pet pros have been asking me lately is, "How can I help other people feel more resilient?"

This is not surprising. Pet pros are caretakers. They watch others carefully and do what they can to help.

So here's my best advice for how you can help others.


Courage - Jessica Dolce, MS, CCFE

Courage - Jessica Dolce, MS, CCFE

April 2, 2020

The past few weeks have been like none other. You may be having trouble finding your sense of peace, calm, and equanimity.

If that's true of you, good news, you're normal!

Right now, your brain is hypervigilant, always scanning for the next bit of news, the next sign of danger.

That's what your brain is designed to do. It's trying to keep you safe. But your brain can't comprehend a pandemic situation in which you feel fine, but are being asked to flatten the curve for the greater good. It doesn't known how to say, "Hey, I'm just going to hang out at home and wait this out. No big deal."

Instead your nervous system is a flutter and needs some active support to calm down.

Jessica Dolce, MS, CCFE, and I have both been helping pet professionals fight burnout and compassion fatigue for years.

I invited her to talk with me about how "courage" and set a date long before either of us knew how timely this episode would be.

Listen in to learn ways you can give yourself and others support and compassion during this difficult time. https://colleenpelar.com