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Nerds - Hannah Branigan

Nerds - Hannah Branigan

April 8, 2021

There's magic in diving deep into a subject and learning as much as you possibly can about it. There's something so exciting and energizing about it.

Hannah Branigan, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP, is a self-described nerd. Her passion subjects include dog training, Applied Behavior Analysis, and neuroscience. That's quite a mix!

She joined me for a fun conversation about the power of owning your interests and pursuing them with passion.


Focus - Veronica Boutelle, CTC, MAEd

Focus - Veronica Boutelle, CTC, MAEd

March 11, 2021


Far too often, your attention is focused more on other people's priorities than your own. Focus gives you purpose to pursue work that's meaningful to you *and* the freedom to do what you choose, feeling present, calm, and content.

Pet professionals often find their work isolating and draining. Maintaining a focus on what matters most to you re-energizes you and helps you build the habits, practices, and connections that fuel you.

You deserve to enjoy your day-to-day life.

There's no one better than Dog*Biz's president, Veronica Boutelle, to talk about focus with. For nearly two decades, Dog*Biz has been helping dog pros build their businesses with careful deliberation so they can do good work and also earn a good living.


Comparison - Avoiding the Compare-and-Despair Trap

Comparison - Avoiding the Compare-and-Despair Trap

February 25, 2021

Judgment requires comparison, but comparison does not require judgment.

Learn to harness your brain's natural gift of comparison without letting it harm your self-image, productivity, or motivation.


Discovery - Sue Sternberg

Discovery - Sue Sternberg

February 11, 2021

This conversation about dogs, dinosaurs, and discovery is just what the doctor ordered.

The inner demons of perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and overthinking tell you that you have to do everything “the right way.”

But that’s not true.

There’s tremendous value in doing something just for the sheer joy of the experience, without any attachment to whether you do it well.

Laugh and learn with Sue Sternberg in this wide-ranging conversation. 

The most powerful discoveries are the ones you make about yourself. https://colleenpelar.com/90

Joy - Energizing surges of emotion

Joy - Energizing surges of emotion

January 14, 2021

Joy seems like a simple, uncomplicated emotion, but it often sits side by side with more difficult emotions.

Joy’s power comes from the yin and yang of life, the ups and downs. Joy gives us moments of elation, connection, and awe that are only powerful because we are also familiar with darkness. Joy points out what is good right now.

Acknowledgement: Noticing & Claiming Your Accomplishments

Acknowledgement: Noticing & Claiming Your Accomplishments

December 17, 2020

Here we are at the end of a long, hard year. It's been a year filled with change and uncertainty.

You’ve probably been so busy this year with a variety of concerns that you haven’t taken time to acknowledge all the ways, big and small, that you’ve shown up for yourself.

Get ready to feel more empowered, more confident, and more aware of your own impact. https://colleenpelar.com/88

Trusting Yourself - Laura Gendron, CPDT-KA

Trusting Yourself - Laura Gendron, CPDT-KA

December 3, 2020
Have you ever had a piggy bank? Do you remember putting coins into it and listening to them rattle around?
Did yours have a plug in the bottom that you could open to remove money or did you have to break it open? Wasn't it amazing that the money that took so long to accumulate could disappear so quickly?

A piggy bank (or a marble jar) is a great metaphor for trust. Trust is built slowly over time. And, if you aren't careful, can be lost in a moment.

It's likely that you are extremely trustworthy in your commitments to others, but you may be prone to letting yourself down. And that's a betrayal of the worst kind.

Learning to keep your commitments to yourself is a foundational key to creating a life you love (so much so that we spent a full month getting better at honoring personal commitments in UNLEASHED Resilience in October).

Laura Gendron, CPDT-KA, and I had a wide-ranging discussion in which we looked a trust from a variety of angles. Since reliability is such a key factor in trust, we explored ways of setting yourself up for success, including internal and external forms of motivation and reinforcement.

As I often joke, everything in life relates to dog training, and we certainly proved that true with this conversation. 😄  https://colleenpelar.com/87

Check out Susan Friedman's episode on UNLEASHED (at work & home) about being a bold learner. She often uses the piggy bank analogy as well.

If you're eager to learn more, check out Atomic Habits, James Clear's excellent book about building habits by making behaviors obvious, attractive, easy, and satisfying, and Brene Brown's work, including The Gifts of ImperfectionDaring GreatlyBraving the WildernessRising Strong, and Dare to Lead

What, me worry?

What, me worry?

November 19, 2020

What should you do when you're worried?

Worry is one of the most common human emotions. You come from a long line of worriers because worriers are survivors. 

But most of the problems we face in modern society don't threaten your survival, so your brain's worry mode can actually work against you.

In this episode, we'll explore why we worry and the skills you can develop to worry less and focus on problem solving. https://colleenpelar.com/86

Loving Kindness: A Simple Meditation with Powerful Benefits

Loving Kindness: A Simple Meditation with Powerful Benefits

November 5, 2020

Loving kindness meditations (also commonly known as LKM or metta) are the act of sending kindness, warmth, and goodwill toward others.

The concept is simple, but the benefits are profound. Loving kindness is a great way get started with meditation without having to sit still or be calm.


Pain- Jen Shryock

Pain- Jen Shryock

October 22, 2020

Pain is a powerful teacher.

No one enjoys pain. Physical pain. Emotional pain. By its very definition, it hurts.

And yet, pain can also bring unexpected gifts. It can narrow and focus your attention to point out what you truly value.

Pain offers you the opportunity to look at situations from a new perspective, to make different choices, and to be more grateful for all that you have.

In this episode, Jennifer Shryock, CDBC, and I discuss some of the insights she's had while awaiting spinal surgery. (This episode was recorded several weeks ago. Jen is now recovering well!) https://colleenpelar.com/84

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