UNLEASHED (at work & home) with Colleen Pelar

Focus - Veronica Boutelle, CTC, MAEd

March 11, 2021


Far too often, your attention is focused more on other people's priorities than your own. Focus gives you purpose to pursue work that's meaningful to you *and* the freedom to do what you choose, feeling present, calm, and content.

Pet professionals often find their work isolating and draining. Maintaining a focus on what matters most to you re-energizes you and helps you build the habits, practices, and connections that fuel you.

You deserve to enjoy your day-to-day life.

There's no one better than Dog*Biz's president, Veronica Boutelle, to talk about focus with. For nearly two decades, Dog*Biz has been helping dog pros build their businesses with careful deliberation so they can do good work and also earn a good living.


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